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Compatible with:
SMS's NLib
IntegrityWare's SOLIDS++

Neat Stuff

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HarmonyWare, Inc.
PO Box 2717
Midland, MI 48641

  • We've long been working on a program to extract entities out of an IGES file. Unfortunately, the current version requires the full HW IGES DLL. However, when it didn't work (on Tax day, natch) we wrote this quick Perl script to do the trick. It's not smart, but it gets the job done well enough to simplify bug reports...
Programming Links  

These are all open source tools we have found invaluable in putting together our products.

  • On Linux, we compile with the GCC compiler. On OS X, we use LLVM.
  • We use Perl extensively in our development process, as a code generation tool and as a testing tool. We would be utterly lost without it. In recent years all our new Perl coding has been in Perl 6.
  • We are now using Valgrind on Linux and OS X to track down memory leaks. It's a great product.
  • HarmonyWare relies on Doc++ for our class and function documentation.
Musical Links  

If, perhaps, you thought you were wandering onto a music page, here are some links to get you back going in the right direction.

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