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HarmonyWare, Inc.
PO Box 2717
Midland, MI 48641

March 20th, 2001: HarmonyWare, Inc. ( has released version 1.0 of its STEP CAD data translation libraries, STEP/Nlib, STEP/TSLib, and STEP/SMLib. They allow users of GeomWare's Nlib, IntegrityWare's POPLib and TSLib, and Solid Modeling Solutions' SMLib to easily import and export geometry and topology information, including points, curves, surfaces, trimmed surfaces, and manifold shells and B-reps. AP203 is supported directly, and tools are provided to handle any application protocol based on STEP Part 42 (Geometric and Topological Representation).

The high-level interfaces are compatible with HarmonyWare's IGES and VDAFS libraries. The interface is simple enough for casual users who wish to exchange data with common CAD programs, while it has all the power needed to meet the import and export demands of full-featured CAD programs.

All three translators try to extract all usable data in the file, despite errors or damage. STEP/TSLib and STEP/SMLib feature the same extensive, well-tested tools for dealing with "dirty" trimmed surface information found in IGES/TSLib, IGES/SMLib, VDAFS/TSLib, and VDAFS/SMLib.

HarmonyWare, Inc. was founded in 1998 to satisfy the data translation needs of GeomWare, IntegrityWare, and Solid Modeling Solutions. It combined a half decade of translator experience and a close working relationship with those companies to produce powerful translators designed to complement their libraries. Custom solutions based on the translator technology are also available.


STEP/Nlib 1.0, STEP/TSLib 1.0, and STEP/SMLib 1.0 are released and available as fully documented platform-independent C++ source code libraries. Microsoft Visual C++ DLL projects and Linux GCC makefiles are provided. The code also has been successfully compiled on a number of other Windows and Unix compilers. The licenses are multi-user site licenses with no product royalties. A yearly maintenance contract covering support, bug fixes, and upgrades is also available.

STEP/Nlib and STEP/TSLib are available from HarmonyWare, Inc:

HarmonyWare, Inc.
PO Box 222
Marine City, MI 48039-0222

STEP/SMLib is available from Solid Modeling Solutions:

Solid Modeling Solutions, Inc.
17708 SE 40th Place
Bellevue, WA 98008
(206) 463-1417

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