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Compatible with:
SMS's NLib
IntegrityWare's SOLIDS++

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HarmonyWare, Inc.
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  • It's not as memory-efficient as it potentially could be. For instance, when reading a file, it will have three representations of the file in memory at once -- the HwIgesFile version, the HwNlibIges version, and the collection of TSLib objects. This has some advantages in flexibility, but at the price of burning memory. There is no great conceptual obstacle to making it delete each old representation as the new old is constructed -- it's just extra work we haven't undertaken yet.
  • There is still room to optimize the code.
  • The HwStd classes are supposed to be completely interchangable with the equivalent ISO C++ std classes. They will compile interchangeably, but other problems prevent the resulting code from running.
  • The Linux makefile doesn't separate things out into debug and non-debug versions of the code.

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