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Type 100 Circular Arc Entity
Type 102 Composite Curve Entity
Type 104 Conic Arc Entity
Type 106 Copious Data Entity (etc)
Forms 1, 2, and 3 created as collections of points. Forms 11, 12, and 13 created as two- or three-dimensional piecewise linear NURBS.
Type 108 Plane Entity
We support form 0 and form 1. The former creates an HwNlibPlane infinite surface, which is only directly usable if it is the surface in a trimmed surface entity. The latter creates its own trimemd surface.
Type 110 Line Entity
Type 112 Parametric Spline Curve Entity
Type 114 Parametric Spline Surface Entity
Type 116 Point Entity
Type 118 Ruled Surface Entity
See FAQ for full details on this troublesome entity.
Type 120 Surface of Revolution Entity
Because the parameterization is messed up on a NURBS surface of revolution, in the basic package we only support model space trimming curves on this entity. If you have Advanced Nlib, we can use one of its nifty approximation routines to fix the parameter space loops.
Type 122 Tabulated Cylinder Entity
Here the parameterization might be messed up, depending on the curves used to create the surface. If so, the above type 120 comments apply.
Type 124 Transformation Matrix Entity
We now create an HwNlibCoordinateSystem object in certain cases. (In addition to the normal usage, of course.)
Type 126 Rational B-Spline Curve Entity
Type 128 Rational B-Spline Surface Entity
Type 130 Offset Curve Entity
There are still tricky areas here we do not support, but basic offset curves should work if Advanced Nlib is available.
Type 140 Offset Surface Entity
In IGES/TSLib and IGES/SMLib, this is directly supported as an IwOffsetSurface object. In IGES/Nlib, it is an HwNlibOffsetSurface object, which can be converted to a normal NURBS using Advanced Nlib.
Type 141 Boundary Entity
Type 142 Curve on a Parametric Surface Entity
Type 143 Bounded Surface Entity
Type 144 Trimmed (Parametric) Surface Entity
Type 158 Sphere Entity
Type 186 Manifold Solid B-Rep Object Entity
Reading solids as solids seems to work pretty well now. A switch is provided to read them as collections of trimmed surfaces, which loses the connectivity information, but should be reliable.
Type 190 Plane Surface Entity
Type 192 Right Circular Cylindrical Surface Entity
Type 194 Right Circular Conical Surface Entity
Type 196 Spherical Surface Entity
Type 198 Toroidal Surface Entity
Type 308 Subfigure Definition Entity
Type 408 Singular Subfigure Instance Entity
Type 504 Edge Entity
Type 508 Loop Entity
Type 510 Face Entity
Type 514 Shell Entity
(See type 186 comments)

This list contains all standard geometry entities in IGES. There are also a number of entities designed for creating CSG solids which we do not have plans to support at the moment. If you are interested in CSG geometry, let us know, especially if you could provide some sample files.

The IGES translator actually reads the entire file and processes into a simple internal format. This format then analyzed to create the above geometry entities. If you need other information from the file, this internal format is completely accessible. Again, let us know what you need.

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